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Terms of Use

The Terms of Use apply to your use of online and mobile games of Ajja Games and our other offered websites, content,  and any associated services, counting software, servers, and infrastructure, which will hereinafter be mentioned as Service.

The Mobile Apps Privacy Policy or the Privacy Policy of Ajja Games governs the use of the Service, as well, which are included in these terms of use by reference. They can be found here for online games as well as for mobile games. For an overview of the Ajja sites, you can see the list at www.ajjagames.com. Ajja Games may have the right to add any websites to this list or it can get rid of any websites from this list at any time at its own discretion.

Please read the Terms of Use of ajjagames.com carefully before you use our services. You agree with the applicability and content of these Terms of Use by installing, using, or otherwise accessing our service. Some parts of the Service of Ajja Games, such as portals or web pages where you are downloading games or paying for in-game credits, may contain additional terms and conditions of use from us or from our licensors, suppliers, or other third parties that complement these Terms of Use. By using those services, you concur to abide by such additional terms and conditions of use of our services. If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, the additional terms and conditions of use, you agree that you would not use the Service.

Subject to your conformity and continuing fulfillment with these Terms of Use and any other pertinent policies, and terms and conditions, Ajja Games grants you a non-restricted, non-transportable, non-sub-licensable, revocable restricted license subject to the confines to right to use and exploit the Service for your own non-profitable entertainment reasons. You also agree not to exercise the Service of Ajja Games for any other reason.

Ajja Games offers a huge variety of games on its portal. These games are free to play unless specified otherwise. However, you are exclusively responsible for any expenses you may acquire using the Service through any wireless or other communication services. In some games, you may buy virtual things (such as virtual coins or a virtual game element) or a payment to download a game. Ajja Games may use third-party payment suppliers as set out in this Terms of Use page for the processing of any payments on its website.

By creating an Account on the Service, you authenticate that you are 18 years of age or older.

A username, which is either chosen by you or provided by us, is a unique identifier, and it is used on the Service to identify you. You may have only one account on ajjagames.com and one account for each game. Ajja Games has the right to remove any of your accounts if you have manifold accounts. You may not rent, sell, or bargain your Account, create an Account by making use of a bogus identity or data, or in support of someone except yourself. Please inform us instantly if your Account has been illegally accessed and your login particulars are changed. You are exclusively accountable for maintaining the privacy of the login information, and for any acquisitions made through your created Account, whether or not allowed by you. The contact information that you provided us shall keep it precise and current. You shall use your Account only for non-commercial reasons.

Ajja Games has the right to cease and disable your Account permanently if it has been in inactive condition for 180 days. In case of deactivation, we have no responsibility to hold or offer any content or information associated with or refund any money made through your earlier Account, and we may permit another user to register and use your previous username. We also have no responsibility to eliminate any public information, content, or other details that you posted or uploaded on the Service.

Without restraining any other remedy, Ajja Games may restrict, defer, terminate, change, or remove accounts or access to the Service or portions thereof if you are, or Ajja Games suspects that you are failing to obey the Terms of Use or for any real or alleged unlawful or unacceptable use of the Service, without prior notice to you. Ajja Games is under no compulsion to recompense you for any damages or losses associated with this, including but not limited to any privileges, benefits, or virtual items related to your use of the Service.

The Service may include content from players, which will be henceforth referred to as User Generated Content, such as wall posts, messages, opinions, remarks, images, or graphics. We are not vigorously concerned in the creation or posting of such User Generated Content, and we do not support any User Generated Content, or we guarantee that such content does not breach the rights of any third party or is not or otherwise illegal. Your exercise of the Service is at your own risk. You may be exposed to User Generated Content by using the Service, which is indecent, offensive, or otherwise not corresponding to your expectations. You accept all risks related to the exploit of any User Generated Content available in association with the Service. Ajja Games is neither answerable nor legally responsible for any User Generated Content. However, we do appreciate if you inform any abnormalities that you meet on the subject of User Generated Content by emailing us. Here, you can find more information on online games and mobile games. We may then take action against the informed User Generated Content, as we believe – at our own judgment – suitable under the known circumstances.

If you yourself put any User Generated Content forward, you grant a non-exclusive, irreversible, everlasting, transportable, fully paid-up, payment-free, global license to Ajja Games. This may include the right to sub-permit and allocate to third parties to exploit, publish, replicate, dispense, change, set up derivative works of, or otherwise use in any way whatsoever such offered User Generated Content or any part thereof. To the scope allowed by appropriate laws, you hereby relinquish any ethical rights or rights of privacy or publicity you may have concerning such User Generated Content.