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Refer a Friends

Know how to refer a friend program of gaming sites work?

Nowadays, many gaming websites offer their members the option to earn some bonus points or money by referring their friends to play their games online. Therefore, when you refer a friend or a family member to play these games on their sites, you can play some game free or you can reduce your monthly subscription or earn some money by redeeming your bonus points.

Nothing can match the enjoyment of playing online games with your most appreciated friends. Many gaming websites offer players an opportunity to refer a friend and earn through their referral programs. If you want to earn money through these programs, you are required to create an online friends community and ask each of your friends in the circle to join your community.

You can nurture and reveal your friendship by referring them to play some interesting and exciting online games to earn some bonuses. With this, you together with your friends will share an inspiring refer a friend bonus, It just means that some part of the bonus chunk of money will be offered to you and the remaining part will be given to your friends.

When you refer your friends to play some online cash games, you will get some thousands as a rewarding bonus. When your friends play some of these cash games, they will also earn some money by referring these games to their friends. Now, this offer you cannot refuse and it is absolutely a reason for you as well as your friends to celebrate. If you are comfortable with the bonuses, you can spread the word around your friend circle and can get the reward for bringing your friends on the board.

The best part of referring a friend for playing online games is that you are not restricted to refer the gaming site not only to couple of friends. The refer a friend program will also allow you to suggest as many friends as you can and you can earn as many rewards as possible, as well. This means that you will earn a referral bonus for every new friend you refer to, on condition that he/she should register and play online cash games on your referred gaming site.

The refer a friend make money process is extremely easy as it involves just two simple steps. The first step involves inviting your friends to play online games. You can invite them to play cash games through a link, email, SMS, and WhatsApp or through social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Once your invited friend registers at the gaming site, the friend you refer to will make his/her first deposit and will start playing online games. On your side, you will get money every time your friend plays these games online and the bonus money will be disbursed in your account automatically.

There are some terms and conditions that you need to agree with if you want to refer a friend make money online. To claim the referral bonus, you are supposed to be a cash player on the site you refer to your friends. Then only you will be capable of inviting your circle of friends to earn a referral bonus. The referral bonus will be disbursed when you ask your friend and then it will be released as a money bonus to your account, as your invited friend plays online cash games.

Furthermore, the friend you refer will also get a part of our erne amount as the referral bonus. The referral bonus will perish in 90 days from the date your referred pal plays his/her first online cash game. However, if you want to claim your referral bonus, then your friend is also supposed to play for money at your referred gaming site.

The refer a friend bonus will be dispersed to the account of players only when Know Your Customer details of both the referring user and the referred user is approved.

You will get cash bonus credits with 50% worth of each game rake that your friend continuously contributes for three months from the date of his/her first online cash game with the gaming site to which you referred. Therefore, the RAF bonus will be disbursed following each game in the same proportion into your account as well as in the account of your friend. Here, you should bear in mind that the RAF bonus would be disbursed to you only when you play the online cash games with other players.

You should also note that the membership of the friend you referred is subject to the realization of all the applicable confirmation and eligibility processes. To claim the Referral Bonus, you as well as your referred friend is supposed to verify both of your email Id as well as both of your mobile number. You can verify both of your KYC details by uploading a scrutinized copy of the Identity Proof, like a copy of any Address Proof, such as Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, or Passport, etc. and Aadhaar Card.

You are supposed to take the utmost care while you refer a friend and earn money online. This means that the friends you refer to play online games on your recommended gaming site should not have an account already on the site. Moreover, when you have multiple accounts on the gaming site to which you referred, then also you can claim your referral bonus. Moreover, your close relatives, such as parents, children, siblings, spouse, partner, or any of your family members are not accepted as your referred friends, as well.

Therefore, you can clam your refer to friend bonus only when your invited friends register at the gaming site recommended by you. You can invite your friends by making use of the referral link provided by your referred gaming site. You will be capable of sending a maximum of 100 invitations every day through SMS or email.

Nowadays, as the online gaming industry has been experiencing heavy completion, most gaming websites are looking for an easy and effective way to draw more people to their websites. One such way is introducing refer a friend and earn program, which also varies between these sites in terms of paying a referral bonus to their members.