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World Cricket Championship

World Cricket Championship

  • Participants : 226
  • 1st $ 10000
  • 2nd $ 5000
  • 3rd $ 3000
  • 4th $ 2000
  • 5th $ 2000
  • 6th $ 2000
  • 7th $ 2000
  • 8th $ 1000
  • 9th $ 1000
  • 10th $ 1000

Winning Prize : $ 29000.00

Registration Fee: $ 100.00

Starting Date

September 15, 2020

End Date

October 15, 2020

Event Description

What cricket games can you play online?

Most gamers of the World subcontinent have a huge interest to play cricket online. It may even their great passion for playing cricket online. In India, cricket players are considered no lesser than a divinity. The craze among cricket enthusiasts and vast knowledge of the game will be truly enjoyed when you play the cricket game online without download.

One of the best categories of online games that users like to play is the real online cricket game. You can play these games on your mobile devices, as well, without downloading them. There are several formats of playing online cricket game and these formats are available according to your choice. This means that you can play the game just for entertainment or with a play cricket win dollar goal. 

However, the most admired format of free online cricket games is that, where, two opposite teams stand each other in a highly passionate nerve breaking game as they are a famed and traditional competitor of the game. You can find many new cricket games online that are being constantly updated.

The collections of cricket games that you find online will be featured with beautifully animated stadiums, realistic umpires, and World Cup matches. You can play cricket online against a range of computer challengers, or challenge your associates in a friendly game, so you can just walk outside and can start to swing your wicket.

Both novices, as well as professional sports aficionados, will feel affection for playing the cricket games online. Therefore, whether you are new to the world of cricket or a veteran player, you will be capable of reenacting your favorite match-ups, such as India .vs. Pakistan or India .vs. Australia or you can play for India against any international cricket team.

You can even practice cricket in the home stadium of your team before entering the international competition. However, you try catching the ball from the first-person point of view if you want to improve your defensive skills. Alternatively, you can have a seat, and play cricket win dollar by playing imaginary cricket with dollars.

Some of the most popular cricket games that you can find online include:

  • World Cup Cricket
  • India .vs. all international teams
  • The Dominator cup
  • Gully cricket
  • Power Cricket T20
  • World T20 Cricket Champions
  • Cricket Umpire Decision

Each of these games will be perfectly designed to offer you the enjoyment of playing the real cricket game.

When you represent India to play cricket online against your preferred opponents, you have the option to start the game according to your choice. This means that either you can start the game as a fielding side or a batting side.